You don;t have to be royalty to enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing

Kate Middleton Irks Older Royals by Rejecting Birthing Protocol

December 13, 2012 01:15 PM EST

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Kate Middleton has jumped on the hypnobirthing bandwagon, joining Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba, and the traditionalists in Buckingham Palace are none too pleased about it.

You see, the stuffy Windsors expect young Kate to adhere to royal birthing protocol, which means the old-fashioned way, but she’s refusing.

Instead, the Duchess of Windsor is adopting the new practice, which Miranda Kerr swears is the reason her son Flynn is so calm and relaxed all the time. You know, Kerr might be on to something. Miranda is always being photographed with her kid, and you never see the little guy crying or throwing a tantrum. Hmm. Perhaps this is why Middleton is also going the hypnosis route. Who wants a nervous crybaby sitting on the English throne one day?

It sounds kind of flaky and new-agey, but hypnobirthing is probably better than conventional methods, because it eschews medications and epidurals for the mother. That can’t be all bad, right?

Nevertheless, despite the obvious advantages of hypnobirthing, Middleton’s newfound assertiveness is apparently rubbing some of the older royals (i.e. Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker-Bowles) the wrong way. They want her to go the traditional route, and follow the same protocol as everyone else.

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