Cosleeping is it recommended?

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It seems everywhere we turn today there is misinformation about a host of baby-health related subjects. One that has been given a bad name in pop culture media and certain U.S. groups is cosleeping. However, top pediatricians, family physicians, and health professionals continue to advocate for conscious, safe, non-drugged/non-smoking, breastfeeding and cosleeping mother/baby couplings. Research is conclusive that sleeping within an arm’s reach of your baby is best for baby, and best for mom for many well documented reasons.

It should be noted that cosleeping is not necessarily the same as bed sharing. A cosleeping mother and her infant may bed share (i.e. sleep on the same safe surface) or they may share sleep (cosleep) in another fashion – such as with two mattresses together on the floor, in a side-car arrangement, a cosleeper by the bed, or a crib that has been turned into a co-sleeper. Depending on one’s needs and resources, different parents may choose to cosleep by bedsharing, or by sharing sleep within an arm’s reach of their baby on separate surfaces. Both offer the physiological, hormonal, and psychological benefits for mom and baby.

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