HypnoBirthing with Rowena. Are you Pregnant and wanting to give your baby the best start in life?



Are you pregnant or considering pregnancy?  Do you want to learn how to have a natural, safe, drug free, calm and comfortable birthing experience.



Do you want to give your baby the best start in life?  HypnoBirthing techniques can give you the power to regulate your birthing experience.


Easily learn techniques to put yourself into hypnosis being able to tune into your body and that of your baby.


Your birthing companion will learn how to deepen that hypnosis and further support the mother and the baby.
Hypnobirthing promotes a holistic, bonding and unifying experience for all involved.   Your family can have a memorable, unique birthing that is natural, safe and drugfree.


Through this Hypnobirthing information and hypnosis techniques , you receive information to prepare yourself and your body to birth your baby.


If you are pregnant for the first time , hypnobirthing will give you and your birthing companion information and skills you will need to prepare and deliver your baby safely, naturally, calmly and comfortably.


The optimum time to learn hypnobirthing techniques is around 4-5 weeks prior to your estimated due delivery date to ensure you give yourself and your baby the best start in life.   I come to you so no need to travel and you will recieve all this information in the comfort of your home.


What are others saying about HypnoBirthing?

As a 19 year old woman I had frequently suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I found out I was pregnant, I felt overwhelmed,scared and wondered how I would cope with pregnancy and having a baby. Anyone I knew who had children told me it was going to be painful – I was not looking forward to this experience at all.

I was looking through a magazine and came across HypnoBirthing, this sounded good, natural, drug free, virtually pain free – Could this be possible or true???
I went online and found www.naturalbirthbabies.com
I rang Rowena and asked about hypnobirthing . After speaking to her I felt I could do this. Rowena came to my house, meeting my partner and myself.  Each time we met, I felt more and more confident in my ability to birth my baby easily and naturally.
Rowena was supportive and I felt completely comfortable with her straight forward approach. The day of birthing arrived I used the techniques Rowena had given me & had practiced. I felt calm, relaxed, in control and ready to birth my baby.
My beautiful baby boy Oliver came into the world, naturally, drug free and PAIN FREE.  We were elated, happy, and full of love, absolutely ecstatic.
 My partner couldn’t believe how calm and focused I remained throughout the whole experience – neither could the midwives and nurses in attendance.
Having completed the Hypnobirthing  with Rowena and this being my second baby I felt completely at ease and found that my labour went faster, I was more relaxed and am ready to do it all over again, next time.
Another HypnoBirthing mum has contacted me to share the news of her son’s birth. She was so relaxed she arrived at the hospital 2 hours before giving birth. Love hearing how HypnoBirthing classes have been of benefit
















Hypnobirthing with Rowena is available in Tweed Heads, Pottsville, Byron Bay, Brunswick HeadsMurwillumbah, MullumbimbyOcean Shores and Lenox Head, plus many more areas




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